Welcome back letter from our Administrator.

Dear NHS Families and Friends,

It was an interesting start to the school year, with a windstorm, power
outages, and smoke/ash from wild fires. Aside from a few technology
glitches on the first day of school, things seemed to be going well last week.
I enjoyed seeing all of you who were able to join me for “virtual coffee” on
Tuesday, September 8th.

The NHS teachers and I are currently adjusting academic expectations
following parent feedback last week. We are also altering how we provide
instructions and directions to students. Students are required to attend all
scheduled Zoom classes, office hours, and 1:1 meeting times. They are also
required to attend homeroom class on Fridays, so that homeroom teachers
can help them find their grades, find any missing or incomplete work, and
remind them that all work is due on Sundays at 11:59 pm.

Attached to this email, please find a document titled “Parent Guide:
Reopening NHS in the Remote Model, September 2020”. We hope it will
give you some guidance as we reopen this fall. Also attached to this email,
please find a document titled “Online Learning Schedule, Gr. 4-12”. We hope
it will help as you support your student in providing a structure for the
learning week.

Are you wondering how to find your student’s schedule and
assignments on Schoology?
As parents, you are able to see your student’s schedule on Schoology.
When you click on each class, you will see a label (e.g. “1.1” = “Week 1.
Day 1”, the name of the assignment (e.g. “Discussion”, “Video”, “Scavenger
Hunt”, etc.). You will also find Zoom links for classes, office hours, and 1:1
meeting times.

**Please note attendance is required in office hours and 1:1 meetings, as
well as classes this year.**

In each class folder, you will also find the course syllabus, which will outline
the description, purpose, materials, responsibilities, due dates, learning
expectations, grading, outcomes, and accommodations for that class. The
syllabus will also contain the name and contact information for that teacher.
Please be sure to read this information.

Teachers post assignments by 9 AM on Mondays. Teachers post two
discussion questions per class, and students are required to post twice for
each question (one post responding to the question and one reply to a peer’s
post) per class. Students must post substantive responses and replies (“I
agree” and “I don’t know” are not substantive).

Most assignments are due by Sunday at 11:59 PM. If you click on your
student’s grades for that class prior to the due date, you may see
“incompletes” or “failing grades”. After that due date, the teacher will grade
work turned in by the due date, and your student’s grades will reflect that
work. In summary, your student should be in Zoom meetings (either office
hours or classes) every day of the week, and your student should be logged
onto Schoology working on assignments and/or assessments every day of
the week. If your student says he/she does not need to be in a Zoom
meeting or on Schoology, please check each of his/her classes, as both
Zoom and Schoology are required every day, M-F.

Are you wondering how best to structure your student’s day at

In general, students will be online in classes or office hours approximately
12 – 3:30 pm daily, M-F. The amount of time required for each student to
complete his/her assignments outside of that will be different for each
individual student. However, we anticipate that it will take approximately 2-
3 hours to log into Schoology, check all classes, answer discussion questions
and respond to peers in each class, and check, complete, and turn in
assignments in each class. This work time can be scheduled at a time that is
convenient for your student and your family; however, most families find
that having their student log on to Schoology by 9 AM in each morning
works well. Please note in the overarching school schedule, there are 1:1
times available, during which students are able to schedule individual help
with any assignment. Please contact the teacher (either by email or by
messaging him/her on Schoology).

Are you wondering how to find your student’s grades on Schoology?

Go to your student’s class folder for any class, click “Grades” on the left
navigation bar, and you will see your student’s grades for that class. Grades
are based on participation, homework, work completion, and Zoom
class/office hour attendance.

Are you wondering how to get a parent log on for Schoology?
If you do not have a parent log on for Schoology, please contact Vikki
Colson, our Administrative Assistant, at vcolson@new-horizon-school.org.
Are you wondering what to do if your student tries to join a Zoom
class, office hour, or 1:1 meeting and receives the message to wait
for the host to admit him/her to the meeting?
If it has been more than 5 minutes, please have your student message the
teacher on Schoology (envelope on the right hand side of the upper
navigation bar).

Are you wondering when clubs will start?
Minecraft Club will be starting up soon, possibly September 15th. Please
contact Mr. Nordlander with any questions: rnordlander@new-horizonschool.org. Other clubs will begin in October.

Are you wondering how to schedule a Parent/Teacher Conference?
Our first conferences are scheduled for September 21st – 25th by
appointment only. Please contact your student’s homeroom teacher to
schedule your conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can support you in any way.