New Horizon School provides access to a specialized learning community for students who learn differently, including students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, disorders of executive function, and/or learning challenges.


New Horizon School will be recognized as the leader in providing successful education outcomes for students who learn differently.

Philosophy & Guiding Principles

  • Teaching is a calling.
  • All staff & faculty are responsible for all students.
  • NHS teachers engage in outstanding and effective instructional practices.
  • Members of the NHS community advocate for the best educational interests and rights of students.
  • Members of the NHS community maintain high expectations for students
  • Families play a vital role in their student’s educational process.
  • Community involvement is essential to the success of the school and its students.
  • A safe and nurturing learning environment is essential.
  • Firm, fair, consistent, and positive discipline is essential.
  • The opportunity to develop both academic and non-academic skills and abilities is essential.
  • Access to mental health or counseling services is essential.