New Horizon School

STEAM Summer Camps

A week full of fun activities for your child!

Camps to choose from:


Costuming Design


3D Printing

CSI Camp


Archery / Ballistics

Tuition Refunds:
New Horizon School will incur expenses, make financial commitments and possibly reject other applicants for Summer Camp enrollment as a result of this agreement. An early withdrawal of your student will cause New Horizon School to incur financial damages in an amount that cannot be readily determined. If a student needs to be withdrawn after registration and payments have been received and to receive a registration and materials fee refund, it must be done so in writing, 48 hours prior to the start of the camp. Failure to do so will forfeit all materials fees.

Summer Camp Discounts:
The following discounts apply for the New Horizon School 2018 Summer Camps:
NHS Student Discount $15 off Camp Material Fee ($15 Dollar Savings)
Summer School + Camp Discount $40 off Camp Tuition ($40 Dollar Savings)
Bring a Friend Discount $10 off Camp Material Fee ($10 Dollar Savings)
Camp Discounts apply to each individual camp student is enrolled in.

Waiting List Notice:
In order to ensure a fun learning environment, each New Horizon School Summer Camp has a maximum participation size. We accept applications on a first come basis and in the event a camp has reached it’s maximum limit of participation, students and families can opt to be placed on a waiting list for any space that may open up.

Minimum Class Size Cancellation Notice:
Each New Horizon School Summer Camp must have at a minimum 4 participants registered at least one week prior to the first date of each camp. In the event the minimum participation number is not reached, notification will be given to the participants of the camp that the camp is cancelled and all registration fees and materials fees for the camp will be refunded.