New Horizon School

girls-studyingNew Horizon School (NHS) strives to serve students in alignment with the mission and vision of the school. The school encourages applications from students of all social and economic backgrounds. The school promotes diversity and acceptance of diverse backgrounds in its student population.

Admission is based on the following:

  • a personal interview with the applicant and one or both parents/guardians,
  • a review of applicant’s previous school records,
  • results of application assessment completed at NHS, and
  • results of a 5 day school visit during which visitors have all the rights and responsibilities of enrolled students.

Elementary Program 

New Horizon School is proud to serve students 4-6 in our elementary program.  Students are placed in skill based classes using Direction Instruction in the morning and peer grouped based classes in the afternoon with hands-on projects and field trips.  All elementary students have full participation in physical education and music programs.  As an added benefit, our elementary students participate in elective courses on a rotating basis such as Dance Team, Drama Workshop and Performance Lab.  Elementary students learn about leadership and represent their homeroom at the Associated Student Body meetings.  Uniform required.

Middle School Program

New Horizon School proudly supports the transition between elementary and high school by supporting a blend of academics and hands-on courses.  Students are placed in skill based courses using Direct Instruction and/or little direct instruction in core academic classes.  Middle School students’ participation in selecting electives and have high engagement in clubs, after school activities and are members of the Associated Student Body council.  Uniform required.

High School Education

Our Junior High and High School students are actively preparing for post secondary experiences throughout their last four years of formal schooling. Utilizing best practices in education, coupled with understanding our population’s strengths as a whole person allows for a multi-track system.   Our students enjoy athletics, clubs, dances, homeroom activities, along with high expectations of academics.  Students can attend college, obtain employment or both.  No uniform required.

School Lunch Program

As part of the 2017 – 2018 academic school year, students grades 4-12 receive lunches provided by the school as part of the New Horizon School Academic Program at no additional charge.  Please notify the office of any food allergies your student has.

Transition Extension Program

Transition Extension is a community-based program for students age 18 and beyond who have Developmental Disabilities. It provides structured and coordinated secondary transition instruction, activities, and experiences. Transition Extension is individualized, outcome-based, and adult focused. It further prepares students for supported employment and increased independence.

Financial Aid

It is the policy of New Horizon School (NHS) to give financial aid grants to student households who otherwise could not afford to send a student to NHS. The purpose of this policy is to promote the economic diversity of the student body and to meet enrollment goals.

Procedures: Financial aid grants are to be paid out of monies set aside for that purpose by the Board as part of the operating budget, by solicitation of restricted gifts, or by revenues generated by an endowment fund set up specifically for that purpose. Distribution of financial aid will be determined by the Administrator/CEO or Designee.