News from our new Board President Nick Corrigan

Hello NHS families!

I am the incoming NHS Board President, Nick Corrigan, and because I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting many of you, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am a life-long Puget Sound resident, having grown up, attended college (UW for undergrad and SU for law), and found employment in the region. I live in Browns Point, Tacoma with my wife, step-son, and daughter, but spent most of my formative years just south of NHS on East Hill in Kent. I work as a Compliance Manager for the Amazon Prime Air drone program, but I have also practiced law and worked in human resources and logistics in my career. My personal interests include football, soccer (playing, coaching, watching), distance running, home brewing, puzzles, and gardening.

I was introduced to NHS about a year-and-a-half ago when a board member friend of mine asked if I wanted to learn more about the school. At the time, I was looking to volunteer and wanted to engage with a local organization that did more than just talk about helping those in our community. I was delighted by the congeniality of the board, their individual and collective passion for the school, and how they helped NHS achieve its vision and mission. As I learned more about the school, I was (and continue to be) inspired by the educators and administrators who have devoted themselves to the educational needs of NHS’ students.

Having never held a role as board president, I sought inspiration for this note by reviewing a few of Mark’s newsletters from last year. As I read through his notes, I found myself re-reading his comments from April 2020. A few things stand out to me. First, we have come a long way from the uncertainty and fear we all felt at this time last year, when details about the virus were still unknown, governments were enforcing stay-at-home orders, and the main goal was to keep hospitals below “the curve”. Despite our progress, we must continue to exercise the safe practices that have brought us this far. I, along with the Board, have reviewed the school’s return-to-the-classroom plans and am confident that the school’s preparations and mitigations will keep the students safe and healthy.

The second thing that stood out to me as I read Mark’s note from a year ago is just how very hard all of us have worked to continue to deliver the intended education outcomes for the students of NHS. When the pandemic hit, Marla and her staff didn’t miss a beat in transitioning to online learning. Similarly, parents had little time to adapt to an entire body of new responsibilities at home, balancing their own shifting work requirements while coordinating at-home learning and helping educate their children. From the anecdotes shared with the Board, this new-normal has not always been easy for parents or students, but your resolve, dedication, and patience are evident from the degree of engagement your children have retained with their teachers and the school.

In 2021, I’m looking forward to a few things. I’m looking forward to getting back to in-classroom learning and know that the students (and parents) are eager for this too. I’m looking forward to zooming out to meet people IRL, and Zooming a lot less. I’m looking forward to attending live student performances and school BBQs (when it is safe to host them). I’m looking forward to the summer golfing fundraiser (and suspect you’ll be getting some information soon on our FUNdraising campaign). I’m looking forward to connecting more with my fellow Board members and am hopeful that we can increase Board membership this year (please contact me if you are interested in joining).

I’m looking forward to serving New Horizons School, the Board of Directors, the faculty and staff, and you, the parents. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you more in the coming year.

I have included my contact information below, and hope that you will feel comfortable contacting me if you have any questions, concerns, or topics you’d like to discuss.

Sincerely, Nick Corrigan
2021-2022 NHS Board President