Junior/Senior Culmination Projects

New Horizon School (NHS) curriculum requires all juniors and seniors to complete an individualized culminating project consisting of a paper, portfolio, and presentation. The project is a senior graduation requirement, and the junior project is a required step toward the senior project.

The topic of the required project is the student’s individual transition plan. Through the process of developing the project, the student will be exposed to a wide variety of career-based exploration experiences such as interest surveys, aptitude assessments, vocational assessments, career exploration, site visits, community service, job shadowing, and internships.


The student’s culminating project demonstrates

  • growth in learning,
  • how the career pathway provides a service to the community,
  • potential future career growth and development,
  • potential future personal growth and development,
  • connections between the project,
  • prior learning experiences,
  • and goals for the future.

The projects are flexible and adaptable to the individual student’s capabilities and reflect a feasible transition plan. NHS Juniors and Seniors are required to present projects and respond to questions from community members, a peer panel, and faculty.

Freshmen and Sophomores are required to complete smaller portions of the same project with a presentation to class peers in preparation for the upcoming larger expectations in their last two years. NHS teachers decide whether a project meets requirements, and NHS teachers assign final grades. Juniors who do not pass this requirement will not be promoted to the senior class. Seniors who do not pass this requirement will not meet NHS graduation requirements.