How Can I Support My Child’s Success in the Remote Learning Model?

Supporting students in remote learning is a new experience for all of us, and we are learning as we go. Teachers will be focusing on teaching students how to use Schoology, our Learning Management System.

In addition:

 Identify an appropriate workspace for your student. Working in the

same space every day will help your student be ready to learn.

 Support your student in organizing his/her learning materials: books,

paper, pencils, flash drive, and NHS provided head set with

microphone, lap top with camera, and mouse.

 Support your student in posting his/her individual class schedule,

along with the school’s master schedule. Visual aids and graphic

organizers in the student’s workspace will be helpful.

 Ensure that your internet connection is adequate, that your Wi-Fi

reaches the student’s workspace, or request a mobile hotspot for your


 If you are unable to provide a consistent work space for your student,

try to provide additional supports to help with focus and organization,

(such as noise cancelling headphones for independent work time, a

display board or a curtain/screen to block visual distractions, and other

portable tools to help your child if he/she needs to move from place to

place on different days or at different times).

 Establish expectations, a schedule, and routines for your student. A

regular bedtime and wake up time is helpful. Teach your student your

expectations for breaks and lunch time. Let your student know that

you will be monitoring progress and checking grades.

 If you are working and unable to monitor expectations, schedules, and

routines for your student, support him/her in taking ownership of

his/her own learning.

 Provide your student with frequent check-ins. Ask him/her about

learning topics and assignments. Log in to Schoology and view

his/her grades regularly.

 If you are working and unable to provide face-to-face check-ins with

your student, meet with him/her before you leave for work or after

you return from work, text your child during your breaks, or call your

child on his/her breaks.

 Reinforce your child’s “ready to learn” behavior. Praise him/her when

the work space is organized, materials are ready, assignments are

completed and submitted, he/she is on time and engaged in Zoom

classes, etc.