New Horizon School

The Board of Directors for New Horizon School is an elected body of community members who serve 3 year terms. The board is made up of 3 current parent/guardian representatives, 5-13 community members, 1-3 parent or guardian of former student, or former student over 18 years of age. The board shall also include 1 member of the current teaching staff, 1 member shall be the business director, 1 member of the board shall be the Administrator/CEO.

2018-2019 Board Officers

Alana Collucci – President
Carrie VanZant – Vice President
Brent Manley – Treasurer
Tim Robnett – Secretary

2018-2019 Board Members

Timm Hines
Marla Veliz
Jared Hooser
Csilla Muhl J.D.
Sebastian Lindsay
Minyshu Tafesse
D’Juan Black
Mark Sullivan
Carmen Goers



Work of the Board

Responsibilities of the board include: hiring and evaluating the Administrator/CEO; establishing policies for governing of the school; approving a budget each year; and serving as community representatives of New Horizon School.