What People are saying

“Kathryn arrived at NHS feeling defeated and depressed. She had gone from being one of the girls to a target for teasing. She was acutely aware of the fact that she was not able to keep up in class with other students. We were desperate to get her into an environment where she could experience acceptance and success. That is when she visited New Horizon School. From the first day of visiting New Horizon, she had found her place. Kathryn was accepted for who she was and her individual potential. New Horizon gave her the tools she needed to become independent and move on to vocational training in college, where she graduated in June.”


Kathryn's Mother

“At New Horizon School, Alayne has had more opportunities than if she had been at public high school. Alayne has been on the Dance Team for 4 years. As a junior, she was captain. Alayne has also been ASB Treasurer, ASB Vice-President and ASB President. None of these opportunities would have been available to her at public high school. Willingness to participate and do your best is the criteria for participation in these activities. Being on dance team and serving in ASB has given her more confidence and made her more assertive. We are pleased with the help the staff has given her.”


Alayne's Mother

“You have often heard the term “it takes a village to raise a child”. Dana and I and knew this would be especially true for Parker. We lived in the public school village for six years. This village had to accept us but wanted to do so on their terms. We often disagreed and had heated words with the village elders. During this time Dana and I visited other villages and during these trips we grew more and more worried about Parker having success at school, developing meaningful relationships and enjoying life as a child and adolescent. Some of the villages were for kids with specific learning disorders, some of the villages were for kids with behavior disorders and some of the villages didn’t even want to talk to us or meet Parker. The day I got THE CALL from Marla telling us that Parker was accepted to New Horizon School, I hung up the phone and wept. There were tears of joy that someone saw potential in Parker. There were tears of hope that his life would be meaningful. There were tears of anger at others rejecting our son. But mostly the tears were of relief that we would have help from people who understood how hard life can be for kids like Parker. It may have been a long trip getting to New Horizon School but this is the village that will help Parker realize his dreams.


Parker's Mother

“NHS has allowed Jordon to achieve success in his math, reading and writing skills along with increasing his self-confidence. He has made many new friends. One of his proudest achievements was playing the role of Uncle Henry in the Wizard of Oz production from last year. Not only was he able to act his part, but he was able to do the lines of others as well. The opportunity for these types of experiences would not be possible for Jordan at another school.”


Jordan’s Mother

“Our daughter, Bethany, began with New Horizon last school year. There was an immediate noticeable difference. She no longer complained of feeling sick in the mornings and “needing” to stay home from school. She wanted to attend. She made some friends. She enjoyed her classes and teachers. She is now in a setting with a small ratio of students to teachers, and the teachers actually follow up with her and us about her studies, homework, peer relationships, future plans… There are opportunities for all of us in our family to work together to see Bethany succeed, not only in school but in life. This is the best situation we have found for her for this stage of her education, and we couldn’t be happier. Best of all, she couldn’t be happier. She is in an environment that is geared to working with her, with all her various issues and needs, and committed to seeing her succeed. We LOVE New Horizon School.”


Bethany's Mother

“I am the parent of a 9th grade student this year. My son is going on his 3 year at New Horizon School. I often find myself talking about how this school has changed our lives. My son’s confidence and self esteem have gone from poor to amazing. His grades that were mostly D’s and F’s have improved to mostly A’s and B’s with an occasional C in which we joke about now as being a bad grade! The teachers there treat my son with kindness and respect. New Horizon staff members use positive approaches and many different kinds of learning tools as a means to foster learning and success for their students. They recognize that different students need different means to learn which in turn enhances learning. The environment is a fun and healthy place to be on a daily basis. Thank you New Horizon for ALL that you do and for truly caring about our children. We are all blessed to have you.”


JP's Mother

“Together with your awesome staff, you have created a fabulous school, no, a community where students, who have floundered and struggled on so many levels elsewhere, can learn, mature, have fun, feel safe, lead, and grow into the unique and gifted young people they were meant to be.”


Drew's Mother

“Since Drew started at New Horizon, his outlook has greatly improved. He can’t wait to get on the bus to go to school each morning and sees himself as an important member of the school team. His self esteem has improved dramatically and he is able to see himself as a learner. Drew is now able to look to the future with goals in mind and has expressed interest in post high school education. The environment at New Horizon School has fostered within Drew a sense of success. He has enjoyed participating in a school play and being part of the New Horizon School Archery team. At NHS, each child is recognized individually for the strengths they possess and awards are given to all students. I will never forget the day when Drew brought home his first school awards and placed them on the fireplace mantel for everyone to see. Our whole family celebrated.”


“Our family, and especially our son, have been extremely fortunate to have found New Horizon School. Up until 3 years ago, he was able to attend public school. When he entered high school, the dynamic challenges that he faced were just too much for him to deal with and we quickly realized how lost and scared he was. We reached out to New Horizon School for help. Our son is now surrounded by caring and supportive people that have helped him see his world very differently. They have provided him opportunities to discover his voice and that his opinions & choices make a difference not only in his life but in the lives of others. New Horizon School works very hard to challenge him to be the best he can be while showing him an abundance of patience, kindness & respect at those times when he is struggling. Thank you New Horizon School for all you have done for our son & our family.”

-The Howard Family

“My Daughter has attended NHS since 2010. I have struggled with the best way to convey my appreciation for New Horizon School, as I wasn’t sure if I had the right words to say what the school has meant to my family.

As I came to pick up my daughter for one of her many children’s hospital appointments, it occurred to me that in a few short months my daughter will be finished here. I got emotional just realizing we will be on our own soon. This school has been an absolute godsend for my daughter and our family. After coming from a very bad situation with one of the local high schools, she enrolled in NHS. I went from worrying about my daughter every minute to never worrying about her. They have taught her, protected her, and loved her beyond expectations.

This school, teachers, and staff are simply topnotch. They are the best of the best, well-educated people that love their jobs and the children they serve. It is clear to see that the teachers have the student’s safety, education and all around well-being at heart. I would recommend this school to anyone.”

-Vicki L

“We have been with New Horizon School (NHS) for almost 2 years now and wish we had connected with the school much sooner in our grandson’s school career. Our grandson is a Junior in high school, and he started with NHS in his sophomore year. The wonderful changes in our grandson have included more self-esteem, confidence, happiness, more self-awareness, friends and the list goes on and on.

NHS has changed our lives too. Our grandson used to come home from school every day angry, wouldn’t talk, didn’t trust anyone and hated school and social events. Now he comes home with a smile on his face, he may be singing or just talking (how was your day today?) We have come from a very stressful home life to a peaceful, happy and loving home life. He has now learned that school can be fun and that there are others just like him that he connects with. He enjoys his teachers, peers and activities and is taking on responsibilities. He wants to go to school! He joined the archery and snow club last year and continued both this year; he lettered in Snow Club in 2012 and attended the National/International Archery competition in Las Vegas this year! He says “they ‘get’ me here! They really understand me and they help me better understand myself.”

Our family has gone from fear of what the future may hold for him to being able to see him succeeding in his school and career choices. He is actually talking about attending a 4 year college after tech school and/or community college. He still has fears of growing up (but didn’t we all) but at least he is starting to see real positive possibilities for himself. He not only works towards those possibilities at school but carries through with them at home as well! We are so grateful to all the understanding, dedicated and motivational staff at NHS for all they have done with/for all the students; especially our grandson. We love all of you.”

-Mark and Bonnie Thompson


“Excellent school. This school not only supports our son but my husband and me as well. The leadership at this school is intuitive and caring, the teachers are all fantastic, and the support staff is kind and compassionate. Our son’s social and academic struggles are effectively handled and he is encouraged to be the best version of himself. I feel his teachers genuinely care about him and his future. SO BLESSED to have found this school. Can’t imagine what our son would be like if he didn’t attend NHS. This school is a gift to the entire community and surrounding areas.”

-NHS Parent