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Press Release: May 24, 2018

New Horizon School performed an original play written and directed by Social Studies/ Drama teacher Richard Nordlander  at Renton’s own Carco Theatre last night. This play revolves around the mythological creation of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and how a King traded his own daughter  to a neighboring ruler against her will.

Throughout the trials and challenges of the new alliance that was created in this union, the new queen who is at first tolerant of her new Husband, eventually learns how much she means to him when he creates one of the ancient wonders of the world. Starring Sidney N. as King Nebuchadnezza, Jasmin N and Queen Amytis, and David R. as King Cyaxares, it’s obvious that an amazing amount of detail and effort went into its creation.

While the show was primarily a drama based production, the play was highlighted by numerous musical numbers and dance scenes performed by the New Horizon School Dance Class and Music Performance Class.

As a special evening showcase, a final solo dance was completed by graduating 2018 Senior Evelynn L. dedicated to her parents.


Set design was created by the New Horizon School Art Class. Costuming was constructed in New Horizon School’s Fabrication class and the entire production was supported by all of the New Horizon School student’s and staff.

Congratulations to New Horizon School for a fantastic entertaining success.



May 24th, 2018

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