The Board of Directors for New Horizon School is an elected body of community members who serve 3 year terms. The board is made up of 3 current parent/guardian representatives, 5-13 community members, 1-3 parent or guardian of former student, or former student over 18 years of age. The board shall also include 1 member of the current teaching staff, 1 member shall be the business director, 1 member of the board shall be the Administrator/CEO.

2017-2018 Board Officers

Alana Collucci – President
Cooper Ewing – Vice President
Brent Manley – Treasurer
Tim Robnett – Secretary

2017-2018 Board Members

Ida Brooker
Carrie Coumbs
Timm Hines
Dr Susan Malmquist
Grant Thompson
Carrie VanZant
Marla Veliz


Work of the Board

Responsibilities of the board include: hiring and evaluating the Administrator/CEO; establishing policies for governing of the school; approving a budget each year; and serving as community representatives of New Horizon School.